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C U B A N  D A N C E
C U B A N  M U S I C
C U B A N I S M O 

About Us-Nick & Anya 


What can we say? We love Cuban dance and music in all its forms, (bordering on obsession some may say). Along with a small group of fellow enthusiasts and friends in West Sussex, we share our passion for the music, dance, culture... (and food), of Cuba!

As well as at our own fiestas (parties) and social gatherings, our little group can often be seen boogying the night away on the various local dance floors until the wee-small hours.

If you are in West Sussex - or anywhere else for that matter - and would like to connect with fellow Cubafiles, drop us a line and say hola!

Dance partners for over 10 years, we were married in 2013, in a simple barefoot ceremony in Cuba. 

Members of the Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance, we both trained (and continue to train) in Cuba under the watchful eye of Moraima Bravo, professor of dance and former Premera Bailarina (lead dancer) at the prestigious Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba. Our main expertise is in the Cuban social dance of Casino*, although we also continue our ongoing studies in Afro-Cuban Rumba, Son, Mambo, Chachacha, and the dances of the Orishas.

We are lucky to have learned from, and count as friends, many great Cuban teachers and dancers. We continue to travel regularly to Cuba and view our little pocket of Vedado in Havana as "nuestro barrio", a home away from home. A place to train, meet with friends, listen to great music, and of course dance!

In September 2015 we were asked to teach a workshop (a Casino Masterclass) in Russia, and were subsequently invited back in 2016. 2017,and 2018.

In December of 2016 we also had the honor (or maybe terror) of giving a public Casino demonstration at the highly prestigious Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba in Havana.

* Casino is the Cuban dance often (although not entirely accuratly) referred to as Cuban Salsa.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.33.04 PM.jpg

with Profesora Brava in Havana 

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